DCU Chapter One: All films and series within the fresh DC cinematic universe

James Gunn and Peter Safran have revealed their comprehensive strategy for DC Studios. Farewell DCEU, welcome DCU. While the transition might be perplexing for some, Gunn and Safran are introducing an entirely new cinematic universe, featuring fresh characters, original narratives, and some familiar faces.

Dubbed Gods and Monsters, the inaugural phase of the DCU comprises five films and five TV series. Unveiled in January 2022, the journey kicks off later this year with the animated series Creature Commandos on Max, followed by the cinematic release of Superman in 2025.

Significant changes have already been made: Henry Cavill is stepping down as Superman, succeeded by David Corenswet. Additionally, new renditions of Booster Gold, Swamp Thing, The Authority, and Batman are on the horizon.

To provide a comprehensive overview of DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, here’s a breakdown of the movies and TV shows:


  • Superman: A tale of a young Superman navigating a world of heroes, directed and written by James Gunn.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: A science fiction adventure introducing a unique portrayal of Supergirl, based on Tom King’s comic series.
  • The Brave and the Bold: Introducing the live-action Batman and Robin duo, directed by Andy Muschietti.
  • Swamp Thing: Exploring the origins of the enigmatic DC character.
  • The Authority: Featuring WildStorm characters integrating into the DCU.

TV Shows:

  • Paradise Lost: A Wonder Woman prequel series set in Themyscira.
  • Booster Gold: Following the adventures of the time-traveling ‘hero’ Booster Gold.
  • Creature Commandos: An animated series about Amanda Waller assembling a team of monstrous prisoners.
  • Waller: A spin-off series starring Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.
  • Lanterns: An intergalactic cop drama featuring John Stewart and Hal Jordan, with hints of being a significant part of the overarching DCU storyline.

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