‘Chappelle: The Lost Episodes’ Shows Different sides of the Comic Who Went Missing

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David Letterman that at the time he was worried he was developing speculations among watchers rather than testing them. While he said that was a contributing variable, close by a declining relationship with Great times television and expanded periods on set away from his family, the full reaction might just never be known to anyone yet Dave Chapelle himself.

EW Review: Dave Chappelle's Netflix specials | EW.com
In any case, Dave Chappelle has been dependably censuring ViacomCBS, the owner of the show, for declining to pay him for his work after he dismissed their understanding by leaving. A portion of a month after the show appeared on Netflix, Dave Chappelle called Netflix and let them in that he was disrupted that they were streaming the show on their establishment.

After that call, Netflix made a basically extraordinary decision and pulled the show from its establishment. The show is at this point available on CBS and HBO streaming stages, notwithstanding the way that Chappelle has moved toward fans to boycott the associations until he is paid.

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