An inadvertent leak suggests ‘Shrek 5’ might be in the works for a 2025 release

'Shrek 5' is on the way in 2025, according to an embarrassing leak

DreamWorks, the powerhouse behind the immensely popular ‘Shrek’ franchise, has yet to make an official announcement about the much-anticipated sequel. However, recent developments have stirred considerable excitement among fans. A leak on a LinkedIn CV, reportedly belonging to an intern at NBCUniversal (DreamWorks’ parent company), strongly suggests that ‘Shrek 5’ is currently in the works and is expected to hit screens in 2025. The intern, who claimed involvement in ‘consumer product ideas’ for the film, has since removed any mention of the project.

Despite the absence of official confirmation from DreamWorks, the studio has been dropping subtle hints about a fifth installment, generating speculation and anticipation among eager fans. Notably, the final scene of last year’s ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’ teased the possibility of Shrek’s return. Moreover, DreamWorks strategically utilized a scene from the original ‘Shrek’ in a recent social media promotional campaign for the new ‘Trolls’ film, further fueling speculation.

The last installment in the ‘Shrek’ series, ‘Shrek Forever After,’ graced theaters in 2010, making the revelation of a new chapter particularly significant for fans who have been patiently awaiting the return of the iconic characters. While the leaked information on the intern’s LinkedIn profile adds an element of excitement, the studio has yet to officially confirm or provide details about the much-discussed ‘Shrek 5,’ leaving fans eager for an official announcement and a glimpse into the future of this beloved animated franchise.

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