An actor from the live-action Avatar show talks about Aang and Kyoshi’s relationship

Yvonne Chapman, the talented actress set to portray Avatar Kyoshi in Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, has shed light on the intriguing relationship between her character and Aang. As fans of the original Nickelodeon animated series know, Kyoshi is not only one of the longest-living Avatars in history but also possesses a complex past and a profound legacy that will ultimately shape Aang’s destiny. In the upcoming Netflix series, the role of the young Air Nomad tasked with restoring balance to the world will be portrayed by the talented Gordon Cormier.

Chapman recently sat down with Cliche Magazine (via Avatar News) to discuss Kyoshi’s interactions with Aang in the live-action adaptation. While Kyoshi will undoubtedly serve as Aang’s guide on his transformative journey to master the elements, Chapman intriguingly reveals that her character will stand out from the other former Avatars due to her distinctive and bold perspective on Aang’s quest. She explains:

“She sometimes has a different perspective from the other Avatars. She’s a very fierce person, and she is going to be able to guide Aang in what needs to be done in his circumstances. Kyoshi is going to be able to give Aang the advice that he needs to hear at the time that he needs to hear it.”

In the original animated series, Kyoshi occupied the position of Avatar before Aang’s predecessor, Roku. She hailed from the criminal underworld of the Earth Kingdom, having been orphaned at a young age. When her adoptive family met a tragic end following the revelation of her Avatar status, Kyoshi joined forces with Ragni, her future partner in the notorious Flying Opera Company. Together, they rebelled against the oppressive leader of the Earth Kingdom, firmly believing in achieving peace through a fierce pursuit of justice, regardless of the means employed. Kyoshi’s actions brought both stability and prosperity to the Earth Kingdom, but they also left behind a trail of flawed systems and unresolved conflicts that would persist until Aang’s arrival.

Throughout Aang’s remarkable journey in Avatar: The Last Airbender, he and his loyal companions found themselves in Chin Village, a place that harbored deep animosity towards the Avatar due to Kyoshi’s alleged responsibility for their founder’s demise. It was during this crucial juncture that Kyoshi manifested through Aang in a profound trial, allowing her to confront the town’s resentments and clarify her own conflict with the notorious warlord. Kyoshi later imparted an invaluable lesson to Aang, highlighting how their actions as Avatars could have far-reaching consequences that extended long after their own lifetimes. Additionally, the pair engaged in a significant conversation where Kyoshi offered Aang guidance on how to confront the tyrannical Fire Lord Ozai, advising him to do what he believed was necessary, even if it meant taking the Fire Lord’s life.

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Although Kyoshi did not make an appearance in the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, there are strong indications that her role will be significantly expanded in the live-action series. Chapman’s recent comments suggest that Kyoshi, along with the other previous Avatars, may assume a more prominent position in guiding Aang right from the early stages of his journey. While Chapman’s description of Kyoshi’s dynamic with Aang aligns with their animated counterparts, it hints at a deeper exploration and development of their relationship in the live-action adaptation. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the profound influence that Kyoshi will wield in shaping Aang’s growth and the destiny of the Avatar world in this exciting new iteration.

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