Ahsoka Featured Another Big Cameo You Probably Overlooked

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In Episode 4, titled ‘Fallen Jedi,’ Star Wars: Ahsoka delivered a major cameo towards the end that’s been the talk of the town. But, in true Star Wars fashion, there’s more to the story. Earlier in the episode, there’s a cameo that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of Star Wars fans, but it happens so quickly you might have missed it.

Early on, as Hera and Jacen Syndulla board the Ghost (around the 10:30 mark for those who want to skip to Disney+), there’s a moment that flashes by where Hera is seen holding a photo in the cockpit. This photo is of someone she once loved deeply, someone she still clearly holds dear even though they passed away years ago. It’s none other than Kanan Jarrus, the late Jedi Knight, Ghost crew member, and co-star from Star Wars Rebels. You might need to squint a bit, as it’s a bit blurry and small, but you can make out Kanan Jarrus by his goatee and pulled-back hair. This marks his first appearance on Ahsoka outside of the mural.

This cameo is significant because, in a series focused on characters like Hera, Chopper, Sabine, Ahsoka, and their quest to find Ezra, there hasn’t been much exploration of Ezra’s Jedi master and Hera’s beloved. (Not to forget Zeb, the final member of the Rebels team, who has yet to be acknowledged but was at least seen in The Mandalorian.)


With this surprise Kanan cameo, it raises questions about who’s in the photo in our world. Is it an actor portraying Kanan? Is it a digital recreation? Or is it simply the animated version from Rebels? We’ve reached out to Lucasfilm for clarification, and we’ll update this post if they respond.

Today is certainly a significant day for Kanan’s return to the Star Wars universe. It’s possible that this cameo suggests he may have a more prominent role in the unfolding story. After all, this show doesn’t shy away from featuring other deceased Jedi. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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