8 Inuyasha Filler Episodes Worth Checking Out

Here’s a list of 8 Inuyasha filler episodes that are worth watching:

  1. Episode 147 – “The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 1)”: This episode explores the tragic love story of a priestess and a demon, adding depth to the series’ mythology.
  2. Episode 148 – “The Tragic Love Song of Destiny (Part 2)”: The conclusion to the previous episode, this installment reveals the heartbreaking conclusion to the love story and its impact on the characters.
  3. Episode 166 – “The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! (Part 1)”: In this episode, the bonds between the main characters are tested as they confront a new enemy while searching for Sacred Jewel shards.
  4. Episode 167 – “The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! (Part 2)”: The second part of the previous episode, featuring intense battles and character development.
  5. Episode 168 – “Kanna’s Gravestone”: This standalone episode focuses on the mysterious character Kanna, offering insights into her origins and motivations.
  6. Episode 196 – “The Evil Within Demon’s Head Castle”: In this episode, the main characters face a dangerous demon within a cursed castle, leading to intense action and suspense.
  7. Episode 199 – “The Ancestor’s Name”: A time-traveling episode that delves into the history of Inuyasha’s family, shedding light on their legacy and heritage.
  8. Episode 200 – “Farewell Days of My Youth”: This emotional episode centers around Miroku as he reflects on his past and contemplates his future, providing a deeper understanding of his character.

These episodes offer engaging storylines, character development, and additional insights into the world of Inuyasha, making them worth watching for fans of the series.

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