10 Reasons Death Note Got Worse After the First Episode

10 Reasons why Death Note Got Worse

  1. Dragging out the story: Some viewers feel that the show dragged out the story too much, leading to a slower pace and less excitement than in the first episode.
  2. Introduction of new characters: While new characters can add depth and complexity to a show, some viewers may feel that the introduction of too many new characters made the show convoluted and harder to follow.
  3. Shift in tone: The first episode of Death Note sets a dark and serious tone, but some viewers feel that the show later became more lighthearted and comedic, which they found to be a disappointing departure from the initial atmosphere.
  4. Character development: While character development is generally a good thing, some viewers may feel that the way certain characters developed throughout the series was not in line with their initial characterization in the first episode.
  5. Plot holes: As the series progressed, some viewers may have noticed plot holes or inconsistencies that were not present in the first episode.
  6. Predictability: While the first episode of Death Note was praised for its unpredictability, some viewers may feel that the show became more predictable as it progressed, leading to a less exciting viewing experience.
  7. Use of deus ex machina: Some viewers may feel that the show relied too heavily on deus ex machina, or convenient plot devices that are used to resolve a seemingly unsolvable problem, rather than allowing the characters to solve the problem through their own actions and intelligence.
  8. Lack of emotional depth: While the first episode set up an emotional and psychological battle between Light and L, some viewers may feel that the show lacked the emotional depth needed to fully explore the characters’ motivations and feelings.
  9. Repetition: Some viewers may feel that the show repeated certain plot points or ideas too often, leading to a feeling of stagnation and lack of progress in the story.
  10. Unsatisfying ending: While endings are notoriously difficult to pull off, some viewers may feel that the way Death Note ended was unsatisfying, leaving them feeling disappointed or unfulfilled.

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