10 No-Go Phrases for MCU Fans

  1. “The MCU is just mindless entertainment.” – Dismissing the MCU as mere entertainment can be seen as undermining the depth of storytelling and character development that has garnered the franchise a massive following.
  2. “DC movies are way better than Marvel.” – Engaging in the Marvel vs. DC rivalry may provoke passionate debates, but it’s best to avoid this sensitive topic to prevent unnecessary friction.
  3. “The comics are way different, you know.” – While comic book fans are aware of the differences between the source material and the adaptations, MCU fans might prefer not to be constantly reminded of the disparities.
  4. “Superheroes are for kids.” – Negating the impact of the MCU on a wide and diverse audience, including adults, can be seen as dismissing the emotional depth and societal relevance of the films.
  5. “The MCU is just cashing in on the superhero trend.” – Disregarding the creative and storytelling efforts of the MCU team can be perceived as belittling the franchise’s contribution to popular culture and cinema.
  6. “I don’t get why people get so emotional over fictional characters.” – Underestimating the emotional connection fans have with their beloved characters might undermine the significance of storytelling and its ability to resonate with people.
  7. “The Avengers movies are all the same.” – Oversimplifying the intricate plotlines and character arcs of the ensemble films might overlook the complexity and diversity within the franchise.
  8. “Why do you care so much about spoilers?” – Disregarding the significance of preserving the surprise and suspense within the MCU narratives may fail to appreciate the fans’ desire for an immersive and unpredictable viewing experience.
  9. “It’s just a bunch of CGI and explosions.” – Overlooking the craftsmanship involved in creating visual effects and action sequences might underestimate the technical and creative prowess of the MCU filmmakers.
  10. “You take this stuff way too seriously.” – Dismissing the passion and dedication fans have for the MCU may undermine the sense of community and shared enthusiasm that the franchise fosters among its followers.
It Might Be Broken, But The DCEU Still Beats The MCU In 2022

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